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In-depth user insights for your dApp

Get a complete understanding of your users across web2 and web3. ARCx Analytics provides you free tools to understand your customers and make better data driven decisions.

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About ARCx Analytics

Clear Actionable Insights

With ARCx Analytics, we can help you answer questions about your users such as:

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    What percentage convert from Page Visit to Transaction, segmented by on-chain net-worth.

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    Which channels am I acquiring whales from and how do I measure the trends over time?

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    How can I identify the highest value users of my dApp and learn why they’re churning?

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    Understand your demographics

    Avoid guessing who your product is meant for and start using data.

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      Understand distributions of net-worths

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      Learn which tokens your users are currently holding

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      Learn what other products they're using (coming soon)

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    Discover who your users are

    See all your users and how they rank in various dimensions of engagement relative to your product.

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      Filter by first-seen attribution source and campaigns

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      Sort your users by age, net-worth, sessions, events & transactions.

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      View user journey maps to learn how they interact with your product

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    Understand where users come from

    Attribute where your users come from through the use of UTM tags. Then Filter by net-worth, wallet age and activity to answer questions such as where your highest net worth users come from.

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    Powered by

    ARCx Quant Engine

    Our Quantitative Engine allow us to process billions of rows of data to decode behavioural patterns that can’t be seen otherwise. This was created out of the need to build out the DeFi Credit Score.

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    Get started today

    Learn who your users are and how you can acquire more of them.

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